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Mustard pork chops

I have gotten to a stage in my life now where I look so forward to being at home on the couch, eating something delicious and watching my shows especially on a Friday night. A few years ago I would be counting down the minutes to have a bottle of wine but these days I count down the minutes til I can get into my comfy clothes and a meal. Read more


Free range chicken sausage and tomato ‘gravy’

‘Whats for dinner tonight?’ I ask my friend blondie_b who replied ‘Im thinking sausage with tomato gravy, it’s an oldie but a goodie’ now what is this classic that was taught to my friend from her grandmother who has now passed it onto me? Read more

Paleo Fruit and Nut bread

This paleo friendly bread sweetened only by dried fruit is a great treat for a mid morning snack.

Sometimes you just have a craving for bread and prior to going gluten free I used to love my Sunday breakfast which would involve a soy latte, fruit and nut sourdough bread with jam and ricotta. Now there are a few issues with what I was eating you see, I would consume my breakfast and while absolutely delicious, would then have waves of dizziness, nausea followed by a fast heart rate followed by feeling tired. Little did I know this was all related to my newly diagnosed autoimmune disease called Graves Disease.

Read more